Electrospinning is a simple and versatile method to fabricate polymeric nanofibers and nanocomposite fibers for a wide range of applications. Electrospun mats have been used in tissue engineering, filtration and protective clothing. By adding composites in this research area mechanical reinforcement, and material properties can be tailored to obtained desired material traits such as optimal wettability, conductivity, filtering properties, among others. 

Dr. Ayranci's laboratory on electrospinning is structured as a "go-to" place for researchers' and government/industrial partners's in Edmonton and Alberta.

Dr. Ayranci's group has experience in electrospinning of a broad range of polymers and incorporation of many nano-particles into the nano-fibers for forming multi-functional fibrous materials. For more information please contact Dr. Ayranci.

Dr. Ayranci collaborates closely with Prof. Yaman Boluk's group (Civil Eng. Dept, U of A) on electrospinning. A separate web page is currently in construction stage and will be available for view soon on the ongoing joint projects.

Please request more information on specific projects from Dr. Ayranci !!!

Rotating‐drum Electrospinner

Rotating‐drum Electrospinner